About Us

Who We Are


Etikilim is an Istanbul / Turkey based semi-commercial social responsibility project, created to raise value given to traditional crafts and handcrafts especially using rugs, which are gradually being lost in our age. The founder of the project is Altuğ Revnak Eti, a training consultant and entrepreneur. Between the years 2008 – 2018, he has given a record number of 9000 free conferences throughout Turkey along with the NSA International, which he founded and presided to train students and teachers in the area of bio innovation (inspiration from the nature) via a certified training program, which has been a sustainable innovative initiative in its area.  He continues his education in science, environment, technology, innovation with the international ecotechnology & bio innovation institute association, which he founded to carry out international studies. Eti, will be combining his educational experience with trade in the project "Etikilim" primarily to provide support to revive the teachings of handicrafts – especially traditional kilim weaving—with a portion of the income to be obtained through marketing Anatolian carpet, kilim and kilim products design to the world at the most reasonable prices.  By cooperating with non-governmental organizations working in this field, he will help girls and women in need to get an education and have a profession in cooperation with public education centers. The ultimate goal of the project is the establishment of an international rug (kilim) institute in Turkey. While the products such as carpet, rugs, and furniture offered by Etikilim are from suppliers that are socially sensitive and offer reasonable prices to support the project, the bags are only Eti's designs. Etikilim is a boutique brand that emphasizes unique and personalized products rather than being a brand targeting volume sales with high profits. All products in the Etikilim portfolio will be handmade, all-natural, all authentic and mostly vintage.


Environmental & Sustainable


The conception of the project has been when Eti, who is an environmentalist, designed a backpack by cutting the unusable, stained, old rug laying in his room, and the great favor plus demand that the bag had seen on the streets of the USA, NY. Following this interest, Eti transformed the damaged old rugs he collected from Anatolia for hobby purposes into bag designs and obtained an environmental recycle and high-value products, which created a niche and demand. By continuing this environmental understanding, Etikilim will continue to use damaged old rugs, especially in bags and furniture.


Supply From The Source


As is known, Anatolia is the historical center of civilization, culture, and art. In this sense, the geography contains a rich accumulation of carpets and rugs worldwide. Etikilim, thanks to its founder Eti's wide supplier network reaching all the villages in Anatolia, directly reaches reasonable prices from first hand and seeks to deliver to the buyer.


Worldwide Support For The Handcrafts


Etikilim, which is a Turkey-based brand, desires to cooperate with the people who have traditional handicrafts around the world, to market their products through the site and to support especially the economically inadequate peoples as well as to support ethnic crafts.


Etikilim Consultancy Services


Etikilim will provide consultancy services for individual carpet-rugs and kilim products rather than a product sales site. In this sense, bloggers, designers, architects, decorators, individuals will be in a friendly relationship with a dialogue line that will respond continuously through the site.