If you love a big handbags between travel and a daypack size, or for an overnight stay, the Etikilim middle size bags are perfect for you!


It is the ideal size for hand luggage when traveling. Our range of bags is designed to be large enough to contain your essentials for a day, but small enough to fit comfortably on the body.   It is handmade from antique Anatolian rugs and the softest leather. It is zippered closed and lined with suede or leather. Leather straps long enough to run over your shoulder, a leather sole with brass spikes. Internal zippered pocket for safe storage.


The nature of the rug makes each bag completely unique so no one can have the same pattern or color as you. Each bag is completely unique just for you!


As with all Etikilim products, we are using old and sometimes used hand-woven antique rugs and recycled leather. Usually they may have some wear due to being over 50 - 100 years old, but here is the charm.  Within the scope of our understanding of social responsibility, a certain amount of income will be donated to support cherity foundations in Turkey, and financial support will be given to mentally disabled people as in all our other products.


Feel free to contact us to ask more information or photos about the products. No chemicals, pure organic material. If you want something customized just for you, please let us know! We will be glad to help you to create your ideas!

Alışveriş sepetiniz boş!