Etikilim Anatolian Social Brand

Etikilim is a brand version of the hope project, which brings together the concepts of social responsibility with Anatolian handcraft design.The main features of the brand concept created by the founder/designer Altuğ Revnak Eti for Turkish handicrafts and especially his passion for traditional kilim/rug stand out as follows;


Eti, an environmentalist science educator, collects old and damaged Anatolian kilims/ rugs, furniture, leather and, accessories with a sustainable design approach and turns them into new designs to create high-quality products. As a requirement of this understanding, the products used in Etikilim designs have ingredients that are natural and do not harm nature and human health

Handmade, authentic and, unique:

Etikilim has unimposed originality as a feature of the handwoven rug. Handmade and handcrafted designs will always be unique and limited in number.


The designs of the brand are products that contain meaning and spirit, become more beautiful as they age, describe the life of the past, culture and, art with symbols and patterns, and will be used for generations through repairs, instead of ready-made products that lose their daily meaning in the era of fast consumption, are used and discarded, causing waste and environmental pollution.

High quality:

Instead of the middle-class touristic standard that stands out in rug product designs around the world and reduces the value of the rug itself, Etikilim products are designed with top quality materials in their category and aim to achieve high quality that can be displayed side by side with A + world brands.


While its rug-centered designs offer tailor-made designs, Etikilim can respond to boutique custom requests in handbags, furniture and, home accessories, in line with personal demands.

Social responsibility:

With the claim of being an Anatolian Social brand, it is a brand that prioritizes social responsibility and wants to give a "design for good" message.

For this purpose, it cooperates and will continue to do so through protocols with local and international handcrafters, non-governmental organizations working on mental and physical disability, humanitarian aid and education, and interested in supporting the needy. Collaborations and the brand's share of commercial sales will be continuous.

Etikilim searches around the world for boutique-style agencies for business cooperation and non-governmental organizations for social collaboration. In this sense, it is open to all kinds of offers and invitations.

With regards,

Etikilim family.